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Prague, Czech Republic

Welcome To Karate Tygr Klub Praha Site




Trainings for a year 2013/2014 - every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30PM to 6:30PM.
We start on 10th September 2013!

We are a small club doing self-defence martial arts of "empty hand" - karate - as a part of school of "harmony and peace way" - wado ryu. Its activities are superordinated by an international organization Shikon (domicile - United Kingdom), including some clubs of aikido, tai-chi and karate wado ryu. All such clubs usually include in its trainings techniques of other styles and therefore makes classes more interesting.
Our club advantage is relatively small count of members which guarantees personal and equal access to each disciple. Classes are held twice a week in a new gym of basic school Norbertov in Prague 6 - Stresovice, Czech Republic from 530pm together till 630pm for beginners and till 700pm for advanced.
The objective is universal progess of the personality through combining physical and technical training and leading to form the disciples integrity of personality.
Our club takes part in competitions where constantly reaches good placings, at least once a year manages the presence of examiner in order to provide the opportunity for reaching higher technical grades and periodically holds the training camps.
In case of Your interest come see us without obligation to our "dojo" in Stresovice. The training season is divided to two semesters according to basic school education schedule and basic school holiday schedule.


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